MyBiliardScore: the new generation of Billiard products

MyBilliardScore: the "Social" scorer.

Provide your customers with a modern, interactive, open "social" scorer, even with live or recorded video, web, smartphone, and tablet access. Advertising and promotion to your Circle will be made directly by your Customers! Play together, share the results on FaceBook, review recorded games, video-transmit real-time games, expand the reach of your customers, advertise your initiatives or your customers' activities: these are just some of the many activities offered by MyBilliardScore, the innovative system for the management of billiards.

Interactive touch-screen scorer.

The score touchscreen, in front of each billiard, follows the players during the matches, which are also automatically stored on the Cloud server, including all partial scores and set results. All kind of games supported. Countdown timers, set games, detailed story history of each player's points, and much more. Each player can access from his home PC the results of his own games. Over time, this personal archive will allow each player to know better himself and the most aggressive opponents. The player can share a good result on FaceBook or by mail, socially engaging their friends, and also making a great promotion to your Club.

Video recordings, live streaming.

Videos are FUN and extremeley useful! MyBilliardScore offers a wide support for video recording and real-time Internet broadcasting.

It is very easy to do, as an example:

  • During billiard lessons, record the lesson and store it to the Cloud, so that the user can access it from his own home, review the lessons, analyze his or her faults and improvements
  • Record individual matches, review them later and study opponents, analyze and correct the mistakes, study different gaming strategies
  • Share on Facebook FaceBook exciting winning games or great strokes
  • Broadcast live matches over the Internet, in order to broaden the audience of connected users. Establish the access limits: from a few users to thousands of participants. You can insert your own video advertising, during the match.
  • Video broadcast also contains, in over impression, the reference to your club name and score, updated in real time.
  • Live broadcast your matches directly on your FaceBook page, or on the page of your most prestigious player - a perfect way to reach an ever-growing audience!
  • All these services can be resold to your customers

Club's Card

An elegant accessory that fidelize your customers: a special plasticized Card, even with personalized graphic and with your Club's Logo, make it easy to access the Scorer and all its functions, thanks to the local or Cloud user's archive. The complete players archive also includes e-mail and photo, for a personalized experience and communications, even during matches.

Call for Drinks

Each scoreboard has a waiter calling system, whereby players can send their orders to the bar at the club. You can define your own menu ', manage the bills of each billiard and have a complete view of the hall.

Also Access from Web, SmartPhone and Tablet

Your own games, full statistics detalis, recorded videos, running tournaments, live matches: all this is accessible not only from the PC, via the web, but also from your smartphone or tablet.

Event promotion or local advertising

Directly on the scoreboards, when a match is not in progress, you can show your advertising inserts, or use the scoreboard as a real advertising space, that you can resell directly to your chosen stores and business.